About Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) market sectors
About Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) market sectors

How it works...

Recoup waste water heat recovery system animation showing how the Pipe+ HE product takes shower waste water and uses the heat from it to pre-heat incoming mains cold water.

The above animation shows very simply how shower waste water heat recovery works. To summarise, all of our systems achieve their results by using the following method:


  • The hot water from the shower goes down the drain, losing only a couple of degrees
  • This hot water either clings to the side of our patented pipe exchanger or drips on to our patented coiled copper exchangers
  • The cold feed is brought into the system on the other side of the exchanger
  • The heat transfer from the outgoing hot to the incoming cold allows a temperature increase of around 15 degrees
  • The pre-heated cold feed then feeds the shower mixer, boiler and/or cylinder


See the animation for the Recoup Tray+ or Recoup Drain+


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