About Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) market sectors
About Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) market sectors

What is WWHRS?

WWHRS is the abbreviation of Waste Water Heat Recovery System. In the simplest terms a system or technology that uses the remaining heat from shower waste water to increase the heat of cold mains water coming into the system. Less energy is then used to heat the mains water to the required temperature.

Why use WWHRS?

WWHRS has been proven to provide a vital role in saving energy within both commercial and domestic properties. Compared to central heating that has many energy saving technologies in place, hot water has been an area where it has proven difficult to make significant improvements.

National and regional house builders & developers

National & Regional House Builders alike agree that Recoup's WWHRS are the perfect solution in any new build dwelling. Why?


  • Incredibly high SAP points for very low system cost
  • A must from Code 3 onwards
  • Allows more expensive, awkward measures to be omitted
  • Easy to design into homes - both houses & apartments
  • Quick installl with no commissioning
  • No planned maintenance required
  • No moving or mechnical parts
  • No end-user interaction required
  • Virtually undetecable once installed - no unsightly technology on show!
  • A major reduction in load for any centralised plant


We are specified by some of the largest House Builders in the UK, not to mention the many regional and smaller developers that use our systems to help them achieve code cheaply and easily... even if that extra boost is needed after construction has commenced.

Housing associations and housing stock managers

(and home owners looking to make their houses more energy efficient)

We have been working with a number of Housing Associations to help them gain the benfits of our WWHRS in their exisiting housing stocks. How can they benefit?


  • A variety of systems to suit nearly all applications
  • Short ROI
  • Instant and understandable savings
  • Helping reduce bills in one of the most used areas of the home - hot water
  • The perfect partner to boiler, bathroom and/or kitchen upgrades
  • Simple, cost effective and no interaction or planned maintenance required
  • Can be used with any energy source


For a savings & C02 reduction calculator and proposal writing assistance, please contact us

Commercial & leisure buildings

Recoup's range of WWHRS can make a dramatic impact on the showers used in commercial and leisure buildings. We are involved with some of the following building types:


  • Offices - more and more people cycle and run before or during their working day, meaning shower useage is very high
  • Hotels - clearly a high user of hot water through showering every day of the year
  • Student accommodation - with all inclusive bills, saving on hot water is a must
  • Leisure/sports clubs - high traffic with virtually users showering - helps with capacity and costs


We work with some of the largest M&E designers and consultants helping to advise how our WWHRS can benefit their buildings both through code and also through use.


Contact us for advice, support or meeting requests

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